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Frequently Asked Questions

Please, read on for the more common guard management system Q & A, or simply call (800) 892-3710 to speak with a guard tour management system expert!    

Q – Why should I consider a Security Guard Tour & Patrol Management System?

A – At this point in time, any security guard business or security alarm monitoring company, no matter how large or small, will benefit significantly from a reliable security officer tour & patrol system and app.

This guard tour & patrol management system offers tremendous benefits to companies in the following areas:

        • General Liability and Workers Comp Risk
        • Client Relations/Marketing
        • Employee Relations
        • Elimination of Billing Disputes
        • Employee Accountability
        • Reporting Accuracy


Q – Would I need to download software to use Security Patrol Track?

A – No, Security Patrol Track can be used with a browser in a completely cloud-based environment. Even the mobile apps can be utilized by those same means, or you can download the AccountAbility guard tour/patrol apps through the iPhone and Android APP Stores.

Q – Is the information secure?

A – Yes!  All of our customer’s information is encrypted and stored on secure servers maintained by Caspio Bridge, a 25 year old database management firm with customers around the globe.

Q – Is there a contract involved?

A – No binding contract.  Our terms are month to month.

Q – How much training is involved?

A – Our system was designed to be extremely user friendly. We estimate less than 30 minutes for mobile app users and less than an hour for Management/Admin users.

Q – What about pricing?

A – We price by the site or by the users. There is a minimum monthly fee but no setup fee or any other charges of any kind. Contact us for our formal price sheet!

Call 800-892-3710 today or click for a DEMO of this Security Patrol Track Security Guard Tour Management System Software and app.