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Guard Management System Capabilities

Read on about the powerful capabilities of this affordable security guard management system. Or simply give us a quick call to discuss it: (800) 892-3710 or DEMO

Security Patrol Track is a security guard management system that includes all the features you need to efficiently manage your security officer company. Designed by security industry professionals, we KEEP IT SIMPLE by eliminating the unnecessary complexities of many other security guard management systems on the market! Training for our system takes only minutes, not hours!

Security Patrol Track can be used on any smartphone (Android or iPhone), tablet, notebook, or desktop. You can use cloud versions through your web browser, as well as app store downloads. Read on or click any of the blue links below for more information.

Guard Management System

A security guard management system that is built in America, on four very important principles: Dependability, Ease-of-use, Affordability, and 24/7 U.S.-based SUPPORT. These four cornerstones are the foundation of the Security Patrol Track guard management system and apps.

Guard Tour System Software

Our guard tour system tracks your security officer’s patrols in real-time by means of report submissions from the field, or QR code scanning and NFC tag scanning. GPS positioning of the mobile device allows you to provide real security in real-time eliminating wands and key systems.  It tells you and your clients instantly when your officers visit and submit checkpoints. You can dynamically enter checkpoint instructions that appear on the officer’s device when the tag is scanned.  Tour results and incident reports can be sent to your site managers automatically via email, scheduled and/or in real-time.  This allows you to deliver accurate information to your clients anytime, on demand.

With Security Patrol Track, you can now give your clients true peace of mind by showing them that your patrol officers are performing as expected through this comprehensive security guard tour system for patrol tour tracking and incident reporting.  Our officer tracking and reporting software geotags and time-stamps all events, from checkpoints to daily activity records to incident reports.  

QR Code and NFC Tag Checkpoint Scanning

The Security Patrol Track Guard Management System completely eliminates the need for a separate, traditional guard tour system.  Our system is integrated so scan activity, including scan comments and photos, can be printed as a separate report, or as part of one of the many other activity reports. Simply Scan and Record! 

Email Alerts For Missed Scans

Eliminate the worry about open posts!  Easily set up scan schedules for your QR codes or NFC Tags.  You will receive an email alert if the security checkpoint is not scanned within 10 minutes of the scheduled time!  A different email recipient can be set for any given checkpoint schedule.  

Incident Reporting Software

One of the most common and important reports submitted by field personnel is the formal Incident Report!  A real-time security guard incident reporting system, integrating photos and video, is the only way to compete in today’s market. Keep your officers connected, accountable and safe by making it fast and simple to document any event or Incident in real-time.  

Task Management

Many contracts have been lost because security company management failed to follow thru on a security client request or because officers experienced a payroll issue and chose no other way to express their frustration other than to complain to the client! Our system provides a Task Management Request module, a menu choice, for field personnel to submit a request for a variety of items in a user defined drop down menu, and assign a follow up date. Management can view these items on a calendar by follow-up date to ensure compliance with the requests!  

Security Guard Scheduling

Sceduling your security guards is easy with the WhenToWork scheduling system & app. Contact us today to discuss additional training & 24/7 support, a free MONTH, and additional discounting off the already excellent W2W guard scheduling system! 

Visitor Management

In today’s world, knowing exactly who is on your property and the purpose for which they are there is of utmost importance!  The Security Patrol Track Software offers a robust Visitor Management System. It is built to visitor, resident, or employee comings and goings at virtually any facility.  

Security Officer Reporting System

Security guard reporting systems should not be complicated to be good.  In fact, the opposite is true! Security Patrol Track brings you powerful, affordable, reliable and simple security guard reporting software for desktop management and a mobile security guard app for your security workforce in the field.  

Security Guard Patrol & Tour Tracking System

Tracking your security guards is important for you as a business owner, your customers as concerned consumers, and your security officer’s safety.  Security Patrol Track makes monitoring your security officer’s location easy and affordable.

Security/Patrol Vehicle Cost Tracking

Monitor all aspects of your fleet with our Vehicle Cost Tracking features. Receive an email to alert when a vehicle is due for an oil change.  Track fuel, maintenance and repair costs, including photos of receipts, over the life of a vehicle to determine when replacement makes sense!  Assure your officer/drivers are inspecting the vehicle at the beginning of their shift and/or the end.

Post Order Management

Easily upload your post orders in a PDF format so your security guards can read them on their device in the field.

Gain the competitive edge and call us today at 800-892-3710 or CLICK for more information on our Guard Management Software and mobile guard patrol app!