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Alerts for Missed Checkpoint Scans

No more guessing whether your security guard showed up for work with alerts for missed checkpoint scans! Call (800) 892-3710 or click to DEMO

With Security Patrol Track, you can set a scan time for any QR code or NFC tag at a security checkpoint, for multiple times for each shift and set an individual email recipient for each missed checkpoint scan alert.

As a manager, you no longer need to be actively watching your real time reports to determine if a security guard is performing his/her duties.  Simply set the scan time alert and relax!


You can schedule multiple scans, each day for the same checkpoint tag. You can also create “Clock In” and “Clock Out” checkpoints that, when scanned, feed into our Timekeeping module. If a user does not scan a QR or NFC tag with 10 minutes of the time you schedule, a missed checkpoint scan alert will go to whoever you choose, so they can to check on that security officer.

Alerts for missed checkpoint scans is one more feature that places this affordable security guard management system among the best. Call (800) 892-3710 or DEMO