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Security Patrol Track is a cloud based, full featured security guard management system! In addition to a state-of-the-art guard tour system, it offers several other modules including Visitor Management, Security Vehicle Maintenance Tracking, Post Order Management, Formal Incident Reporting and Task Management. Our Guard Patrol & Tour System offers both NFC tag scanning and QR code scanning!

Customer Testimonials

What Are Our Customers Saying About Their Security Workforce
Management System?

Intuitively designed security officer management system


Guard Tour System

Our Guard Tour System is full featured yet the most user friendly system on the market.


Security Patrol Track is a full featured, easy to use and cost effective system. To learn more, click the button below.


We provide a variety of customized reports to fit your requirements. To learn more, click the button below.

Visitor Management

A Visitor Management System and App that is easy to use either by manual entry or scan. Click below to learn more.​

A reliable and affordable Security Guard Management System and Security Guard App are tools that drastically enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your security business operations. Here’s why:

        1. Guard Tracking: Many security guard apps feature GPS tracking and geo-fencing. THIS security officer management system allows you to select, by user, who is geofenced and/or tracked in what way.  These enhanced tracking options only further ensure efficiency.
        1. Communication: Guard Management Systems enable real-time communication between security guards and management, and between management and your customers, ensuring swift handling of incidents and emergencies.
        2. Incident Reporting: Security guard management software provides incident reporting forms that can be customized per-client, ensuring that each of your customers have the exact “Incident Types” that fit their specific requirements.
        3. Security Metrics: By collecting data on incidents, tours and patrols, suspicious persons and vehicles, etc., this guard management system helps you collect the metrics to identify risk-trends and areas for improvement.
        4. Compliance: This reliable security officer management software helps ensure compliance with industry regulations by maintaining detailed documentation and audit trails.
        5. Enhanced Accountability: In today’s world, transparency and accountability are uncommon, and exactly what your customers want. This guard management system and mobile security officer apps ensure accountability.
        6. Customer Satisfaction: As alluded to in the previous point, your customers are simply looking for a way to see that the security guard firm they hire are doing their job. This affordable guard management system and easy-to-use guard tour and patrol app provide your customers with that confidence and satisfaction.

The Security Patrol Track security officer management system and security guard apps streamline operations, improve communications, provide accountability, and deliver metrics to get you and your customers exactly what you need.

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