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Security Guard Reporting App & Reporting System

Security guard reporting app and system DEMO. Or call an expert at (800) 892-3710 to see if this security guard reporting app and software is best for your business.

Security guard reporting apps and software systems are necessary assets in today’s competitive security guard business world. Handwritten reports, or even the old-fashioned scan tour reports that are downloaded after the fact are no longer enough.  To survive and grow, a security guard business must provide REAL-TIME Daily Activity Reports (DAR), Incident Reporting, and scanning Tour/ Patrol reports, at the very least.  Then, options like Visitor Reports, Alarm Response Reports and Task Management Reporting open door for your security officer business that many guard businesses don’t have.  And finally, when you combine all the real-time mobile security officer reporting options with Security Patrol Track‘s unique Neighborhood Watch System, you add a layer of security that few companies in the entire security industry can match!

So, simple, diverse, real-time and affordable security reporting is what Security Patrol Track brings YOU.

With decades of combined experience on both the security guard company side as well as the software side, Security Patrol Track has learned how to provide excellent security officer report writing system software from YOU; the security officer company owners and mobile app using officers in the field!  So we strive to provide the most user-friendly security guard reporting app for your security officers, supervisors, and managers.  All this while providing you and your customers with the exact reports that you need.  All easy to understand and easy to use.

Call a security guard reporting app expert now at (800) 892-3710 or CLICK HERE for a demonstration of this simple yet powerful security guard reporting system.

security-guard-reporting-appSecurity officer reporting does not stop at DAR, Visitor, scan/ Patrol, or Incident reporting either! Vital internal reports, such as Company Vehicle reports, Discipline Reports, Task Management reports, and Site Inspection reports are all available through the Security Patrol Track security officer reporting system.

And there are more reporting benefits for your customers as well! Specialized security guard reporting including timekeeping reports, suspicious person and vehicle reports, as well as custom reporting options are all available in the Security Patrol Track reporting app.  If providing the right security reports to your security officer business customers is important to you, then Security Patrol Track may be the right mobile security guard reporting app software for you.

Simply CLICK HERE for a demonstration of this diverse security guard reporting app or call (800) 892-3710 today.

Your Daily Activity Reports (DAR) include all scan points and Activity Form submissions, time-stamped and geo-tagged.  Your Incident Reports, Visitor Reports, Person and Vehicle Reports and other such detailed reports include all the reported security details and pictures.  It is all about accountability; your security officer’s accountability to you, and your transparency to your customers.  And there is no better way to provide a security officer reporting system than with real-time clarity!

While a large segment of your clientele will still choose the traditional emailed method to receive their security reports, Security Patrol Track offers the additional benefit of a “Customer Portal”.  This allows your security company customers to simply click on their own personal database of reports any time!  Here they can sort their Daily Activity Reports, Incident Reports and Visitor Reports with a number of simple filters to view, save, or print the exact reports they want! 

And to top it off, Security Patrol Track is one of the few systems that brands your security guard reporting system to YOUR COMPANY.  So this is YOUR technology!  All security reports that your customers receive, by email or by their personal “Customer Portal”/ database, are all branded with YOUR business name and/or security officer agency logo. 

To receive a Demo of this security officer reporting software, CLICK HEREOtherwise, call (800) 892-3710 to speak with a security company reporting expert.

The Available Security Reports Include, but are not limited to:

        • Client Daily Activity Reports
        • Site Daily Tour Activity Reports
        • Mobile Officer Activity Reports
        • Mobile Officer Shift Reports
        • Task Management Reports
        • Task Management Reports in a Calendar Format
        • Database Search of All Activity
        • Incident Reports
        • Suspicious Person or Vehicle Reports
        • Neighborhood Watch Reports
        • Visitor Management Reports
        • Timekeeping Reports
        • Discipline Reports
        • Site Inspection Reports
        • Company Vehicle Reports
        • Security Guard Scheduling Reports with the Scheduling Add-on 


Each report can be filtered by date, client, site, checkpoint, and more.  All scans and activity submissions include a “detail page” for each line-item/ entry.  The details include the full information regarding the item, including a geo-tag VIEW HERE for you, and for your customer (if you choose to provide that level of transparency).

Call (800) 892-3710 now to receive a DEMO of this security officer reporting system.