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Security Guard Task Management System

Security Guard Task Management simplifies communications with you mobile security workforce. Call (800) 892-3710 or DEMO this Task Management System.

Our Task Management module is one of the most unique features of the Security Patrol Track guard management system! Many contracts have been lost because company management failed to follow thru on a client request, or because security officers experienced a payroll issue and chose to express their frustration by complaining to the client!

Our system provides a menu choice for field personnel to submit a request for a variety of items in a user defined drop down menu.  The items include: Personal time off, Pay check issue, Uniform Issue, Request form client representative, etc. Again, these are the standard Task Management choices that we include, but you can edit, delete and create your own Task Management types in the incredibly robust guard management system.

The user can then assign a follow-up date.


Once submitted, the request is immediately emailed to a user defined address (i.e. Payroll, Supervisor, Ops Manager, etc.) and is entered into the database.

Management can then review the request, assign a staff member to handle, make notes, change the follow-up date and update the record….


Management can view these items on a calendar by follow-up date to assure compliance with the requests!


This Task Management feature can be used to keep track of many tasks including license expiration, periodic drug testing, and recurring training requirements, etc.

Call Security Patrol Track now at (800) 892-3710 or click HERE for information about how to easily deliver excellent, affordable security officer reporting software.