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Security Guard Patrol Tour Tracking System Software & App

Security guard patrol and tour tracking DEMO.  Or simply call (800) 892-3710 to speak with a security officer monitoring system expert.

Security guard patrol tracking has become increasingly important as security concerns grow globally.  Monitoring your security officer’s tours and activity is a way to stay accountable to your customers and hold your security guards accountable to you, but also to keep your people safe.  If a security officer does not submit a scheduled scan at a particular time, for example, you can track their last whereabouts, and receive an alert to check on them.  This guard monitoring feature is particularly useful on a clock-in scan.

As much as you may trust your security officers, your customers do not know them.  So, providing the transparency of real-time security guard patrol and tour tracking is exactly what you need to secure that account.  

GPS tracking shows you and your customer that your security officers are making their rounds.  And knowing where your officers are will also allow you to deploy them to an Incident all the faster.  With Security Patrol Track’s unique scan forms, a brief report, “all clear on foot patrol”, for example, and even pictures, can be attached to every tour and patrol scan submission.  So the Daily Activity Report (DAR) going to your customers will be as detailed as you wish, even if it is all scans!  Every submission includes a “geo-tag”, or GPS tag, monitoring where the security officer was for that submission.

Monitor your security officers with GPS tags for their safety and for accountability: DEMO, or call a guard tracking software and app expert at (800) 892-3710

Security officer monitoring through Security Patrol Track is also cost effective.  With many years in the security space, we understand that margins are not huge.  No matter how necessary security guard tracking is it must be affordable.  So affordable guard monitoring is what you will find here.

But just because the Security Patrol Track patrol and tour monitoring system is affordable, does not mean it needs to be weak.  Whether you are a large and long-established security guard agency or a startup, we will tailor this security guard tracking and management system to your needs and your budget.

GPS monitoring for you (and your customers if you choose) puts you in the game with the biggest players in the security officer business world.  And when you combine this easy-to-use, cost-effective tracking system with the many other facets of the Security Patrol Track security officer management system, you get a combination that can’t be beat!  

Call us today for a DEMO of this affordable but powerful security guard tracking system: (800) 892-3710

This security guard tracking software and app was developed primarily by a security guard business veteran who built the Security Patrol Track officer monitoring system and reporting software because he didn’t like what was available for his security officers.  So often software companies jump on the bandwagon with NO experience in security.  The result is not optimal. 

Another VERY important thing we’ve learned is how important SUPPORT is when you need it.  The Support team here at Security Patrol Track is truly second to none.  Our Support team understands that security doesn’t stop at 5:00PM on weekdays and no weekends.  We are here for you and will prove it in short order.

Bottom line, with the Security Patrol Track guard tracking system and guard tour app and guard patrol app, you get simplicity, results, and SUPPORT.

Call a security guard tracking software pro at (800) 892-3710 or click here for a DEMO!