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QR & NFC Scanning Security Guard App

Our security guard management system includes an integrated QR code and NFC tag scanner. Call us at (800) 892-3710 about this guard scanning app or click for a DEMO.

Security Patrol Track is a real-time patrol system which makes security guard tracking, scanning checkpoints, and receiving scan reports simple! A security guard checkpoint system is necessary to compete in today’s demanding security officer industry. It provides your clients with peace of mind to receive their DAR (daily activity report) including checkpoint scans and activities, with events that are time-stamped, and include a GPS satellite photo of where the scan took place.  This security guard QR and NFC scanning app and scanning system software is very user-friendly for you, your officers, and your clients.

Simply Scan and SUBMIT!


The QR and NFC scanning system includes a “Reports Portal” feature available for your clients to access their reports, which are branded with your company name and logo. Your client’s report all list the date, time, officer’s name, checkpoints scanned and a geo-tag/ satellite photo, as well as any report dictated by the security officer.

You can also choose to approve any or all scans and activity prior to inclusion in the Reports Portal. This gives management the ability to edit the reports for grammar and content. This security guard checkpoint scanning app also allows the mobile security officers to edit their own grammar and content prior to ending their shift! 

The QR codes can be printed on a variety of media, from paper labels to metal tags. This module completely eliminates the need for a separate, traditional guard tour system. Our system is integrated so scan activity, including scan comments and photos, can be printed as a separate report, or as part of one of the many other activity reports.

Alternatively, NFC Tags are relatively inexpensive and a very secure scanning component.

Set multiple scan schedules for each checkpoint and receive email alerts for missed scans!  No more empty posts.  Produce reports to see which checkpoints are missed the most.

Our system also supports NFC scanning technology with the iPhone and Android app downloads.

Call Security Patrol Track now at (800) 892-3710 or CLICK to see our streamlined and smooth security guard checkpoint scanning system!