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Security Guard Tour System Software & App

Security guard tour system DEMO here.  Or just call (800) 892-3710 to speak with a security officer tour system expert.

Security guard tour system software should not be complicated to be effective.  As a matter of fact, the opposite is true!  Security officer tour management should be simplified with quality security guard tour software and a streamlined guard tour app.  Much of the software in the security market today has been developed by software companies with little or no experience in the security guard business.  That is NOT the case with the Security Patrol Track Guard Tour System software.  This guard tour software was designed by security officer industry professionals with over 40 years of experience, who understand exactly how to keep it simple, yet effective!

Security Patrol Track’s security officer tour system tracks activity in real-time by means of GPS positioning. With Security Patrol Track you can show your clients you are delivering excellent service with this comprehensive patrol tracking and reporting system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Call us at (800) 892-3710 or click HERE for a demonstration of this simple yet effective security officer tour system 

Unlike other security officer tour systems, this tour software and app allows the officer to not only record the scan, but also dictate a report and include photos with the submission!  Once the security officer submits that report it can immediately be viewed in real time in your Management Portal.

If you choose, your clients will also have their own Client Portal–their own real-time database of reports where they can view all the activity at their site(s) in real time.  Of course, the traditional method of receiving daily emails with a link to reports is also an option for your security business customers too.  But if you do choose to give them a Client Portal, you have the option of approving the tour activity prior to the client’s access.

This security officer tour software offers either scanning of tags at specific positions to track your officers, as well as Activity Form submissions as part of the security guard tour reporting system.  You can even receive an email alert if a checkpoint tag that you set to be scanned at a certain time is missed.  

Call us today at (800) 892-3710 to discuss this simple but detailed guard tour system and reporting software.  Or click here to DEMO

You can deploy the Security Patrol Track Security Guard Tour System software affordably, quickly, and easily. We provide expert set up and training!

The entire Security Patrol Track security guard tour and management system is billed based on your business model, to be as affordable as possible!  

Security officer tour management software has never been easier or more affordable. Call us at (800) 892-3710 or click here for a DEMO to decide for yourself