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Neighborhood/ Community Watch App

Neighborhood Watch Apps are not normally part of a security guard management system. But you asked for a community watch app and we delivered. Call (800) 892-3710 or DEMO

Not every possible security issue warrants a call to 911.  Apartment dwellers, employees at a large facility, or even homeowners in a gated community observe situations of concern but move on because there is no one handy to convey their concern to.

Such situations include seeing a suspicious person, a person in the parking lot looking in all the vehicles, a car parked in front of their home looking at their front window, etc.  There is virtually no end to such a list.

Now you, their security guard service provider, can offer an additional layer of security with our Community Watch App!


Simply create one login credential for the property, designate an email recipient(s) and, using that login, residents or employees can quickly report their concerns to you for your immediate response.

From a marketing viewpoint, companies using this neighborhood/ community watch system and app will be the only bidders that can offer that additional, value-added feature!

Call us today about this neighborhood/ community watch app at (800) 892-3710 or CLICK for more information.